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Hartwell Health and Rehabilitation in Savannah, Georgia

Hartwell Health and Rehabilitation in Savannah, Georgia

hartwell health and rehab

Hartwell Health and Rehabilitation in Savannah, Georgia offers long-term care. With licensed health care professionals on staff, patients can receive various therapies, including physical therapy and speech therapy. Residents enjoy a wide variety of activities and religious services. In addition to traditional medical services, the center offers a range of entertainment options, including television and movie nights and various spiritual activities. The facility also provides a wide variety of food choices, including a gluten-free diet.

According to Medicare and Medicaid data, the average monthly cost for care at Hartwell Health and Rehab is $5,528. The center had zero total penalties and no payment denials. The organization was registered with Medicare and Medicaid for 30 years. As of May 2016, Hartwell Health and Rehabilitation has one employee who tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The hospital is still investigating the case, but has taken steps to ensure patient safety and quality.

Residents and employees at Hartwell Health and Rehabilitation can rest assured that they are receiving quality care. The center has been certified by Medicare and Medicaid, and has been rated a Five-Star facility. The facility offers 92 beds and 24-hour medical care. Additionally, residents receive individualized exercise programs, speech therapy, and a variety of other services. As a nursing home, Hartwell Health And Rehabilitation is accredited by the Joint Commission.

Although family and friends can visit their loved ones, residents can only talk to them on their staff-provided cellphones. Online visitations have been very helpful for keeping residents and families happy. Visiting a loved one is as easy as calling and setting up an appointment. Once a day, residents can be reunited with family and friends through the facility’s exterior window or door. The family must call ahead to schedule a visit, and the staff will guide them.

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