What is Exercise Fitness Definition?

What is Exercise Fitness Definition?

exercise fitness definition

Exercise fitness definition is a broad term that encompasses a variety of important aspects of physical activity. Basic physical fitness can be defined as a capacity for doing typical activities in a controlled and reasonable manner. That may be viewed on a spectrum, from being perfectly fit to be limber enough to pick up a fork. The next level up could be called vigorous, which means you can throw yourself around like a rag doll and still not reach your fitness goals.


The next question that arises is: What constitutes “exercise”? Well, there are literally thousands of exercises, including running, jumping rope, climbing stairs, swimming, cycling, playing sports like basketball and tennis, Pilates, and more. These are done with a variety of equipment and vary in intensity and style. In addition, some exercises are considered aerobic or cardio workouts, which require breathing control to support cardiovascular fitness. Finally, there are strength-training exercises, which focus on muscular strength without the use of much movement. In short, exercise fitness encompasses a wide variety of exercise strategies.


Physical fitness definition can often get unclear because of these various definitions. For example, we often hear exercises meant for cardio, which include running, biking, and rowing. However, there is another definition called strength training which includes exercises like pushups, pullups, and situps. There is also flexibility, which usually involves stretching and mobility. Finally, an exercise known as strength training is also commonly used, sometimes called functional training.


Exercise fitness definition can actually become quite confusing. Often people make broad sweeping generalizations about fitness, especially if they do not fully understand it themselves. It’s easy to think you are doing something “better” than someone else when you are not, simply because you think that you are. You can learn a lot about your own fitness level simply by watching others, reading biographies of those who have excelled at what you wish to excel at, or simply by researching your chosen activity.


The next time you’re watching the news, be sure to pay close attention to the exercise fitness definition being spoken about. What exactly is your fitness level? What can you do to improve it? Are there programs available that you can use to achieve your goals? These are all important questions to answer, and they can change your fitness life forever!


The important thing to remember is that exercise fitness definition involves many factors, including your current fitness level, what goals you may have, your current health status, and current ability. Once you have identified your own individual fitness level, you can then begin to research your chosen activity, read up on the various definition of that activity and consult with others who may be more knowledgeable about that activity than you are. This research not only helps you gain further knowledge about exercise fitness definition, but it also helps you to stay motivated and on track! Stay Fit!

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