The Benefits of Exercise Fitness Dance

The Benefits of Exercise Fitness Dance

Exercise fitness dance is an athletic performance art form, consisting of dynamic sequences of motion, often choreographed or deliberately chosen. This dynamic movement has inherent and sometimes dramatic aesthetic and sometimes psychological value. Dance is typically classified and characterized by its choreography, by the range of movements, or by the historical period or geographical region of origin. It is performed with the use of props such as leotards, tights, dancing tights, and other costumes, or without these. It may be performed in a group or solo.

exercise fitness dance


Exercise fitness dance was created to challenge and enhance physical conditioning and flexibility through movement. It originated from gymnastics, where the art of flexibility was considered highly desirable and physical power was considered the primary goal. The development of dance as a competitive art form began when Gypsies developed their own unique sets of dance routines. These routines were designed to increase both their own agility and their ability to serve as distractions for others. Today, there are many dance programs available to both professional and personal dancers and fitness enthusiasts.


Many people associate dance with popular music, but exercise fitness dance actually borrows some of the same characteristics and ideas from traditional ballet and gymnastics. It also shares many of the same physical movements. The physical challenges of dance are what make it especially helpful for increasing flexibility and strength. It is also helpful for building muscle strength and improving balance and coordination.


One of the most common types of exercise fitness dance is the hip-hop dance routine. This particular dance was made popular by the hip-hop artists of the 1970s and ’80s. It utilizes a variety of complex dance movements that require strong body movements and the application of sudden and abrupt motions. This form of dance is not only physically demanding but it also requires a high level of dexterity and grace.


Hip hop dance is also often accompanied by a vigorous back and forth movement. This is the standard choreography of the dance and also serves as an important part of the performance. Other exercises incorporate lifting of the leg or arm and rotating the joints in complex ways. Other movements such as floor steps, jump stepping, and spinning or moving around are also common. As you can see, the movements within these routines are highly complex and require the athlete to be very flexible.


Of course, exercise fitness dance is not the only type of exercise that increases one’s flexibility. The simple, yet effective exercise of rowing helps to build strong muscles. This type of exercise fitness dance also helps to develop cardiovascular fitness. The rowing exercise also improves lung capacity, thereby reducing the risk of developing heart disease. As you can see, there are numerous positive benefits to exercising through the use of dance.

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