Strep B Women's Health: What Are the Most Common Complications Associated With It?

Strep B Women’s Health: What Are the Most Common Complications Associated With It?

Strep B, a group of strains of group B streptococcus bacteria, can cause complications in women’s health, especially in the bladder and pelvic areas. These bacteria accumulate in the urinary tract causing infections and inflammation. A pregnant woman is more likely to get this bacteria than a woman in her younger age category because of the hormonal changes and the changes in the body’s immune system. It is very important for women to know about strep B and its consequences on their health.

strep b womens health


The complications of strep B infection can vary depending on its severity. In mild cases, strep throat usually clears after three to four weeks. However, in some cases, women who were not properly treated or are in a higher risk of contracting the strep infection may experience more complications that may include blood clotting, difficulty in urination and in labor.


The complications also include urinary tract infections. This is a common problem for pregnant women, which is due to the hormonal imbalances. Women may get this bacterial infection during pregnancy due to the increase in estrogen level. The presence of bacteria in the urinary tract increases the risk of contracting urinary tract infection. The other complication that comes with strep B is infertility. Studies have shown that women infected with strep B are more likely to suffer from infertility compared to women who do not have this type of infection.


This infection also causes swelling of the testicles. In this case, some men get symptoms similar to those of jock itch. These symptoms occur mostly in older women. Sometimes, symptoms of strep don’t manifest until six weeks after the contraction has taken place. Some of these symptoms include muscle pain, fever, painful urination and blood in the urine.


Women can also develop urinary tract obstruction as a result of strep B infection. Women may also feel pain and burning sensation when urinating. If the infection spreads to the bladder, women may feel pain while urinating and also when they try to go. This could result to bladder infections and could lead to infertility.


Not all women can be treated successfully with antibiotics. It’s important for women to be aware that strep B can also lead to adverse effects on a woman’s health. The antibiotic treatment will only remove the bacteria and symptoms however it won’t address the real issues on why the bacteria became resistant to the drugs. Antibiotics can also harm the reproductive organs in women.


This makes the prevention of urinary tract infections very important for women. Since women are at high risk of getting this disease, they should engage in proper hygiene and practice good personal health habits. They should make sure that they always take their prenatal vitamins or prenatalrol regularly and monitor their body’s weight and fluid levels. If necessary, women can consult with their doctor for different treatments especially if they already have another urinary tract infection.


Although there are several medications for this infection, natural remedies are also available. Drinking cranberry juice is an effective way to prevent infections. Cranberry juice contains a component that helps prevent bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract. Taking a warm bath in water that is lukewarm can also help in calming the urinary tract. These tips are just some of the things that can be done by women.


Another issue on the topmost priority of women is bacterial vaginosis. This can happen to women of all ages but it commonly begins during the reproductive age. This condition is characterized by the presence of a fishy odor accompanied by grayish discharge in the vagina. Women can get this condition when the good bacteria is replaced by bad bacteria in the vagina. Natural remedies for this infection have been found to be very helpful for women’s health.


Aside from taking antibiotics, women who have bacterial vaginosis can opt to use over-the-counter products to relieve their symptoms. Some women may want to try an unsweetened yogurt, which can help restore the natural acidity of the vagina. Garlic has also been known to have antiseptic properties. Women can eat garlic to get rid of the symptoms of this condition. Another option is probiotics, which are living organisms that provide the needed bacteria for the body. Probiotics are available in capsule and liquid form.


When treating vaginal infections, women should not rely solely on antibiotics. Using antibiotics to cure a certain ailment is not advisable because antibiotics cannot differentiate between good and bad bacteria. These bacteria can become harmful when introduced to the body’s immune system. Women should still take care of their bodies to make sure that they will no longer need to use antibiotics.

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