Men's Health Doctor Near Me: Gain Muscle, Burn Fat

Men’s Health Doctor Near Me: Gain Muscle, Burn Fat

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So, what is my Men’s Health doctor near me talking about? Is he promoting lifting weights? I looked up the term “men’s health” and got lots of results that indicated I should be exercising to improve my health, but I could not figure out which type of exercise were beneficial. My doctor told me I should try resistance training.


He didn’t want to get into specifics, so I didn’t ask. He did say, however, that I needed to add dumbbells to my exercise regimen. “I can do basic pushups and pullups with a weighted vest,” he said. “And I can do abdominal crunches with a ball and a bench.” Sounds good to me!


I have always had a weakness for weight lifting, so now that I know I can add dumbbells to my exercise routine, I am very excited about continuing my program. My favorite part of the whole process has been getting my blood flowing. The funny thing is, I have been doing resistance training for years, but I don’t feel any more fit. Maybe it is because I don’t have the cardiovascular activity that my weight-lifting partner is doing.


However, I have noticed that when I do a strenuous workout, whether it is a sit-up, crunches, or a deadlift, I feel better physically afterward. Perhaps this is due to the increased oxygen that I am receiving during the exercise. Whatever the case, it feels good.


So, if you are a man who wants to look and feel better, consider some exercise as part of your plan to improve your health. When I asked my men’s health doctor near me, he also suggested that I look into getting a treadmill, elliptical trainer, or stair stepper. While these gadgets aren’t necessary for the exercise, I can’t think of anything a treadmill or an elliptical trainer wouldn’t be beneficial for. Besides, they are both very convenient and cost-effective.


My men’s health doctor told me that I should be working out on a regular basis, even if I am just going to the gym. If I am going to be out of town for a few days, I should still be doing some form of exercise. It is not healthy for my body to let the fat cells in, especially if they aren’t burning. And that’s what I try to do; burn off as much fat as possible! When I get home, I do a final push-up or sit-up before I go to sleep, and I am good to go for another couple of weeks.

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