Basic Types of Exercise Fitness Components

Basic Types of Exercise Fitness Components

exercise fitness components

There are several different exercise fitness components that you can use to build your exercise program. Each of these components is designed for a specific type of exercise and target different muscles in your body. If you are new to exercise or are looking to add an exercise routine, knowing which components are important and which aren’t can help you make the right choice. In this article, we’ll break down each of the components of an exercise fitness routine and discuss the best ways to use each one.


The first fitness component that you will need is a cardiovascular machine. These units are used to simulate running or other cardiovascular activity, which is very effective at burning calories. There are many types of cardiovascular machines you can choose from, and the price of them varies greatly. Some of the more popular options include elliptical trainers, treadmills, and stair steppers.


Another important exercise machine for your routine is a strength training machine. Strength training machines are designed to specifically target muscles in your body. You use weights or cables or some other form of resistance to exercise your muscles by stimulating them. These are often the most effective way to work out as they can target multiple muscle groups at once and focus on them with consistent intensity.


Anaerobic exercises are used to increase your endurance and overall physical condition. These types of exercise are great for increasing your metabolism and helping you lose weight. Many people don’t consider them to be an actual exercise type, but there is a big difference between exercise that helps you lose fat versus that which helps you build muscle. When you run, you are using large muscle groups to propel you forward, while anaerobic exercise uses your smaller, more flexible muscles to do the same thing. For this reason, anaerobic exercise is sometimes the better option for beginners who aren’t ready for strength training.


Some people also think that it’s alright to skip the weights if they’re not putting on muscle mass or losing fat. This is known as “negative calorie” exercising. Basically, it’s done by doing exercises that cause muscle fatigue, but don’t induce fat burning. This can be done by walking, swimming, biking, and rowing.


The final categories are what I call aerobic exercise fitness components. This means that you want to improve your cardiovascular fitness, while still adding resistance through other forms of activity. Swimming, for example, is a great cardiovascular workout. If you’re into interval training and other aerobics, running is a great choice too.

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